And I’m back.

I like how you’re not even a real therapist but I disappear on you for a month regardless. It makes this feel more real. Work has been absolute chaos. We’ve hired seven people. One person quit. Well, two other people quit just before we fired them. Their quitting will not stop my boss from taking legal action against them and then the one other person we managed to fire.

Basically, life is a shit fest and the only person I can share the details of the craziness is my boss. Unfortunately, that goes both ways. Well, she could talk to her husband, but he’s part of the problem with the business. Basically, this is the first time in weeks I’ve had an actual day off. Like, not even just getting a break from work. So far I haven’t received any texts that require me to be my boss’s therapist concerning what’s going on.

So, to celebrate my small freedom, I’m going to share with you my fucking weird dream.

I don’t remember the first part, but somehow I’d gotten into a situation where I had to run away from unknown bad guys. And for whatever reason, I was leading six or seven other people to safety.

It was night time, and I think we were either in a rice paddy, or like a really nice swamp.

And that’s how far I got. I couldn’t even write a whole blog post. I gotta go now, and deal with work. I’m not even going to finish this post because I’m genuinely fucking angry. I just want a day off where nothing I do is related to work.

For fuck’s sake. Right?




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