Don’t Be Stupid.

Oh shit.

I’ve done this. Can I say that setting up this blog was so physically tiring that I want to go take a nap now? I should have planned this better. Actually, I should have not followed my crazy existential crisis compulsion while in a massive depressive state.

But, here we are.

I’ll explain the title of the blog later. Probably after a good nap. You don’t need to know my reasoning, but I feel compelled to explain myself and it will tie in. Trust me. Or don’t. In fact, don’t read this blog.

I’m going to run away now. This feels like too much social interaction for the moment. I’m panicking about the photo choice, the blog theme, what millions of people who don’t know this blog exists are thinking about my choices concerning the set up of this blog. I’m anxious to the point of my head exploding. Honesty clause: could be the migraine as well. We can’t discount anything.

At least I stopped myself from titling this first post as “Is this thing on?” or “Can anyone hear me?” or variations of the two, which I’d briefly considered before remembering I hate myself enough already. This was supposed to help alleviate stress and not add to it.




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